About Dancing Decor

Beautiful, affordable designs by London mural artist

Sarah Hubert

Dancing Decor offer beautiful affordable murals for schools, children’s bedrooms, clubs, bars and community projects in and around South West London. In addition, artist Sarah Hubert will undertake a mural design of your choice for breathtaking bespoke interior design. Sarah’s murals are vibrant, joyful, uplifting and often witty especially her designs for children’s bedrooms and schools.

Dancing Decor was first thought up in 2000 by artist Sarah Hubert, who at the time was a Primary School teacher. Her first art work as Dancing Decor was a series of backdrops for several Hard Dance promotions based in London clubs.  Then, whilst travelling in South Africa in 2003, Sarah was given the opportunity to paint murals, where she worked as a volunteer artist painting murals in backpacker lodges, hospitals, children’s homes, shops and Trance clubs.

Her most significant project in South Africa was her involvement in the setting up of a rural development project in the Eastern Cape called Bulungula. www.bulungula.com where she worked as a volunteer artist for two and a half years. Sarah now returns to South Africa as often as possible to continue her work at Bulungula as a volunteer, painting murals for rural Pre-schools and Health points and teaches women in the local community new painting skills.

On her return to the U.K. in 2007 she settled in South London and has been working as a professional mural artist ever since.

Most of her work has been in Primary and Nursery Schools, but she has also produced murals in children’s bedrooms, parks, private homes and gardens and clubs.

Sarah describes herself as a ‘decorative artist’.  Her work can beautify any space and instills children and adults with a sense of belonging and pride in their surroundings.

Sarah strives to keep her carbon footprint as light as possible. She uses paint with a low volatile organic compound content and transports her paints and tools with her bicycle and trailer.

Wandle Valley Reference (PDF)